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Sarde a beccafico by Paolo Briguglia

Paolo Briguglia, 40 years old, is one of the most talented Italian actors. He has played leading roles with famous Italian directors such as Pupi Avati, Marco Tullio Giordana, Marco Bellocchio and Sergio Rubini. He choose every role with meticulous ...

A coffee with...Dadomani

Dadomani is a creative studio based in Milan and founded in 2007 by four guys: Doc, Leo, Fra and Fabio. They have the same passion for animation, especially for stop motion pictures, the same creative vision and taste in what they do, a very funny ...

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and lemon zestes

Cristina Casini, Italian stylist and designer based in Paris has recently founded, together with the Japanese Keiko Seya, a project based on fashion and design: Cristaseya. The brand - much more than just a brand - reflects a basic style focused on ...

A coffee with Lorenzo Cogo

Lorenzo Cogo, 28 years old, is the chef of El Coq restaurant in Marano Vicentino, Vicenza. He is the youngest chef in Italy who has received a Michelin star, the prestigious cooking award. We met Lorenzo in Milan during one of his job journeys. It ...

Ambra Medda's Spring Salad

Defining Ambra Medda’s professional life with one word would be definitely reductive. Eclectic mind, free soul and never stopping attitude are not the only key words to the personality of Design Miami founder. She recently started a new ...

A coffee with Olimpia Zagnoli

A coffee with Olimpia Zagnoli
Interview by Alla Carta (
Photographer: Giovanni Galilei
At Cafè De' Cherubini, Via Trincea delle Frasche 2, Milan

Olimpia Zagnoli is a 30 years old ...

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